Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses that Will damn Them - Part 1

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Date Created:11 Mar 2016

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Recently I made a post on social media regarding Why I Will Not Return to the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. And of course, a few reacted with assertions that I lack even a basic understanding of the Bible. Which is understandable. I do not purport to know everything, but the little I know makes me realize that the Witnesses need help. To be fair, they believe that everyone outside the organization is damned, but they also have to realize that someone inside the organization is even more damned.

What follows is a list of their teachings that damn Jehovah's Witnesses.

1. Jesus is not God. He is only a god, being like God.

2. Jesus is not the creator, but was created. He was the first thing God created then used to create all other things.

3. Jesus should not be worshipped but only respected as king.

4. Jesus is Michael the archangel

5. There are two groups, the little flock and the great crowd. The great crowd have no heavenly calling and will live in a paradise Earth. The little flock will go to rule with Jesus in heaven, and only number 144,000. The members of the little flock are born again and are sons of God. The members of the great crowd are not born again, not sons of God and have an earthly calling.

6. Jehovah is the highest name given to people to call upon in order to get saved.

7. Jesus is not the mediator for all mankind but only for the 144,000.

8. Jesus began to rule in heaven in 1914, and has been invisibly present since then. Also the last days began in 1914.

9. The heavenly resurrection began in 1914.

10. Jehovah's organization is the only channel God uses to dispense spiritual food.

In my next post, I will explain exactly how these teachings are causing more harm than good. Stay tuned!

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