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How much for each?
Made on St-Valentine on Tue 01 Sep 2015

Made on Killing a Snake on Fri 28 Aug 2015

Poor poor Alice,or is it poor Collins kikikiki
Made on Let Her Go on Mon 15 Jun 2015

Kekekekekeke amanda amanda amanda.when will people learn to stay away from her
Made on The Company on Fri 12 Jun 2015

How soon is soon?
Made on Shunned - Part 2 on Mon 08 Jun 2015

But baby ah,u have killed them all iyeeeee and I thought this was going to be a novel kekekekeke
Made on Social Media Apocalypse on Sun 07 Jun 2015

The ultimate barber man kekekeke
Made on The Barber on Thu 04 Jun 2015

Apa nomba someone will say I didn't know u had another brother kekekekekeke. Taikonda sweetie. Ndiwe chikali kisses kisses kisses
Made on The Undead on Thu 04 Jun 2015

Major combination kikikiki
Made on Major Marjorie on Wed 27 May 2015

Mmmmmmm iliko bad.hope u didn't take someone's life aswell ka?
Made on Identity on Mon 25 May 2015

Kekekekekeke yaba.speechless
Made on The Miserable Life of Mary Mpata on Wed 20 May 2015

Made on How a Girl can Tell that a Guy Loves Her on Thu 05 Mar 2015

Spoken like a pro by a pro.beautiful honey
Made on The Number One Source of Unhappiness on Mon 09 Feb 2015

Awesome article love.i was so glued from start till finish.everything was just flowing like a stream of water.:-)
Made on The Fake City Life on Fri 06 Feb 2015

One of my favorite Michael Sinkolongo stories
Made on Beastly Wives on Fri 30 Jan 2015

Haha haha it's always easy to point at others forgetting to take a look in the mirror ourselves
Made on Gay on Fri 30 Jan 2015

Those who believed in white never really died,what happened to them? :-)
Made on Black and White on Fri 30 Jan 2015

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