An Open Letter to Jehovah's Witnesses

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An open letter to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Read and Circulate with urgency.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I love you. We had fun times together. But I had to leave. Most of you were shocked when I did so; because I was the most unlikely candidate for apostasy, as you put it. I understand after the announcement of my disassociation (which I hope it was because I wasn’t disfellowshipped but decided to leave of my own accord), there was a talk about the danger of not listening to strange voices; of not listening to apostates; because you may be led astray as I was. Then there was lightning and thunder. But let’s not talk about that.

But I want to tell you, on a personal level, why I left. It was not because I listened to apostates. In fact, I never believed them; just like you don’t. They are mentally diseased and seeking to lead men astray with their smooth words.

Yes, I didn’t leave because of what I heard from another human being or an angel or any other creature. I left because of what I read in the Bible. I decided to push aside the magazines and the brochures, and analyze the word for myself. And God’s word spoke to me in a way that I had never heard before. It was beautiful. I was amazing. It was brilliant. It was what I was looking for all this time but I hadn’t known.

Yes, you love the truth. And you believe that the organization is steered by God himself. It’s a wonderful picture and very lovable; but like I was, some of you feel lost, abandoned and miserable. You wonder why God feels so far despite your best efforts to get closer to him.

It’s a puzzling contradiction; a paradox. You are taught to draw closer to Jehovah; that he is a loving God; but strangely, you never seem to get quite there. So you go in the ministry; you talk to people about Jehovah and for a while, you feel like you are getting there. But when you go home, you are empty. Deep down, you know you are. But you won’t admit it because you don’t want to be a failure. You don’t want to admit you are weak and that you need God to intervene seriously. At times you may even shout to God to fix you; but the hollowness still lingers. And so you go out in the ministry some more. You go for meetings some more. And the vicious cycle continues.

A darkness covers you; like a cloud; and follows you. You feel it. You know it. You are miserable and you don’t understand it. Because you are supposed to be happy. You are, after all, in God’s organization.

But deep down, something nags at you. Something seems a little odd and off. You may wonder why you are so detached from some things in the Bible. You may feel that the bulk of God’s word is not addressed to you but to some special, elite members of the little flock.

For example, you read about Paul addressing the ‘anointed Christians’ in Thessalonica or in Corinth; the ones with the heavenly calling; and you begin to feel a little left out. You hear Jesus talking about those who enter the kingdom of God; those born again and you wonder why it is not you. You read about the children of God; the sons of God and you wonder why that can’t be you. You don’t feel so special because you are not anointed. That’s what you are told; that you belong to some secondary class called the great crowd who are only declared righteous because they associate with the anointed remnant.

Slowly these teachings start playing with your mind and you begin to feel inferior. Whatever the ‘anointed’, the faithful and discreet slave tells you you believe. After all, you are not supposed to question them. You are not anointed. You are not chosen by God. You are only companions. You are only Jehonadabs.

But for a change, I ask you to do something a little different.
Let go of all the inferiority feelings. You are worthy. All the good things talked about in the Bible: heaven, new Jerusalem—it is yours! You shall enter that city!

Pick up God’s word and read it in a new light. Listen to God and really listen. And you will learn that there is only one flock under one shepherd. (John 10:16). You will learn that there are only two things: it’s either you are a child of God or of the Devil. It’s either you belong to God or you don’t. It’s either you are born of heaven or not.

The promises of God – he made to you.
When Jesus talked of preparing a place in heaven, he was talking to you; not to some elite group of people.
It’s all about YOU. YOU are a child of God. YOU are anointed. YOU belong to heaven. YOU YOU YOU can be born again!

Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Don’t listen to any apostate. Listen to God. Read God’s word and let Christ’s spirit talk to you; and you shall be reborn.
So my dear brothers, I can’t keep this to myself which I have learnt. That’s why I keep reaching out to you. Not because I have a grudge; but because I want you to have that which I have found. Sorry if I have sounded nasty at times: that was only to capture your attention.

Let no one take away that which belongs to us.

Let not the Devil snatch away that which belongs to us because that is what he has been doing all along.

Heaven is ours.

The kingdom of heaven is ours. Let’s take it. For only the forceful take it. (Mathew 11:12)


Your dearest brother,

Michael Sinkolongo

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