Only a Little Will Get You By

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Date Created:03 Dec 2014

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It only takes a little to get you by;

You don’t need everything to be anything

You just need a little to take you everywhere.


It only takes a few things to get you by,

And sometimes only a single thing.


To live on to the next moment

All you need is a single breath.

A single touch of the hand,

Will grant the lonely person the will to live on.

A single kiss on the lips

Will revive a broken heart to beat with passion again.


It only takes a little to get you by:

You see, living is not a complicated thing.

You don’t need a lot to keep living.


A single glass of water will revive a thirsty person;

A single plate of food will feed a hungry man.


You see, just a single flame from a candle

Will light up a dark room;

And so a simple, little smile

Will fill up your soul with joy

And live on from one happy moment to the next

Until forever.




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