Let it Catch Me

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Date Created:25 Jan 2014

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It is chasing me with a vicious anger;
I run with all my worth soon and not after—
I wouldn’t want to get caught by such a vicious creature.
I have been told and I have heard and I have seen for myself
That this beast with throbbing hot blood in its self
Could toss a poor soul’s hopes and dreams into a delf:
Dashing him, smashing him, and crushing him to little parts;
Slicing her, cutting her, and chopping her to bits;
Oh what a vile creature this that me pursues!
And yet from inside me a feeling that issues—
That by it I could be caught;
That in its arms I would lie in peace without a fright
For this creature has a certain tender side
Those that it catches it cuddles and keeps in a wonderful warmth in its hide;
But only when they escape does it alter its state
And pursues them with frantic madness and hate
Not stopping till it finds them and peels off the skin from their heart;
But I stop for a while and contemplate
I am tired and worn out and spent and ready to faint
Maybe, maybe I can succumb to its warmth again
And revel in its arms again
And promise never to leave it again;
And when I feel its warm arms wrap around me again
I am only too glad to be in love’s arms again.

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