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Hi there!

My name is Michael Sinkolongo.

I am the CEO of Kundananji Creations, the creator of Twishe, a terrific writer, and the ultimate Mumiabi master. If you do not know what Mumiabi is, well, it is the fancy software used to create this website.

I am a published Zambian writer who has written countless works, most of which you will find here on my blog. I write from a unique perspective, and my work will have you mesmerized.

If you want to know all about me and what I am about, you have come to the right place.

One thing you should know about me is this: I love doing cool stuff; and as long as you do too, you are cordially invited to my world!


Machona Michaelish Chipompwe

"the most awesome place to be.....aint nothing goinna beat this"

Allan Chiduka

"allan chiduka"

Natasha Mfungwe Ng'ambi

"uhm i think this website is really awesome :-)"

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