Her heart Beats for Me

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I sat down in quiet moments of contemplation
And to my mind put a little rhythm of meditation
I opened my heart to a vision and a dream
That it could be mine, the love so supreme
That fairy tale kind—the impossible kind
That type so rare and nearly impossible to find
That kind of love everyone yearns for but can’t have
That love curved by God himself for those he has love.

I put to my heart this inclination
And to my mind this serene contemplation
The more my heart inclined
And the more my mind meditated
The harder and faster she was born
The one God himself had worked on
Just for me according to my heart’s desire
To light up in me a conflagration, a fire

And she came for me
Her who her heart beats for me
Her who was made just for me
She walked out of a dream and stood tall before me
And gazed with her eyes upon me

Doubt, doubt possessed my love-deprived soul for a bit
Could she be the one who would give me warmth and heat?
Was this the product of my serene contemplation?
Was she the one drawn by my heart’s inclination?

She smiled and opened her mouth and talked
And her voice my soul imbued
It walked into my soul and me it possessed
And her voice to my heart it sang and whispered
And I knew the contemplation of my heart had born her
And the inclination of my heart had drawn her.

She embraced me and I knew this was all for me
My soul danced and was filled with glee
Finally she—she that belongs to me was with me
And my soul was set alive and free.

She is now mine and stands right next to me
She holds my hand and she shall never leave
She stills my fears with her voice
She kisses all my worry and fear away not once or twice
But forever
And Ever.

Her heart beats for me
Her heart beats for the whole of me

All her thoughts are for me
All her breath is for me
And most importantly, her heart is—it is for me

Of her, my soul she has let posses
And all she needs is a word from my voice
And she is happy and satisfied
Completely joyous and fulfilled

Her I hold with my voice
Her I hold with my arms
Her I hold close to me with my heart’s embrace
Her I hold with my whispers

I hold her close enough for her to hear
My heart beating for her and to her so near
And as we lie in each other’s arms in silence
I can hear her heart beating for me with elegance;
Just for me
And only for me

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