How a Girl can Tell that a Guy Loves Her

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If there is something that girls would really love to know, it is whether a guy loves them or not. Sometimes, guys are quite sly and can convince any girl that they love them, when in reality, they are only interested in getting under their skirt; and when they achieve their vile objective, they dump them in the blink of an eye.

So how can a woman really tell how a guy feels about her?

Here are eleven ways a girl can tell that a guy love her. Listen closely ladies.

1. He makes time for her

A guy who loves a girl will make sure he makes time for her, no matter how busy he is. Nothing will come in the way of making time for his woman; not even work. If he is unable to see her personally, he will make sure he calls her or gets in touch in some way.

2. He communicates Regularly

A guy who loves a girl will communicate regularly. He will be calling to tell her he loves her or just to check on her. He will call or text several times a day. If a guy calls a girl only once in a while, say, after a week, then that guy is not into a girl--period. There are no two ways about it.

3. He introduces her to his friends as his woman

A guy who loves his girl is proud of her. He introduces her to his friends and all his friends know about her. If a guy is reluctant to introduce you to his friends, then he is reluctant to commit because once his friends know that you are his girl, then he has to be committed to you.

As a girl, you have to also pay attention to the way he introduces you and his body language when he does. A guy who loves you will hold you by the hand or put his arm around you as he introduces you. If he distances himself from you, then yikes, mama, you gotta run.

4. He calls her by affectionate names

Some guys have grown up in homes where calling someone 'sweetie' or 'dear' is close to a crime. However, if a guy really loves you, he will unconsciously find himself calling you with affectionate nick names, no matter what his background is.

5. He makes her feel Special

Every girl wants to feel special; and a guy who loves you will make sure you feel special. He will tell you how special you are to him and will tell you that you are the best among all women. He will let you know what makes you stand out and why he appreciates you so much. If a guy can't tell you why you are so special, then probably you are not so special to him.

6. He tells you He loves you

Yes, a guy who loves you can't help but tell you how much he loves you. In fact, a guy will probably outdo you in this area. If he really loves you, he will probably tell it to you all the time, even if you already know. But then again, a girl has to be careful with this one. Nowadays, the word love has become a cliche. Most guys would use it to get into your pants. That is why you have to pay attention to number (7) below.

7. He SHOWS you that he loves you

Words are cheap. Actions, on the other hand, are golden; because they can tell you how someone really feels about you. If someone loves you, their actions will tell you so. How does he stare at you? Do his eyes light up when he sees you, or do his facial expressions show traces of disgust? Does he buy you gifts? (And when I talk of gifts, I am not talking about large gifts--if the gift is too large, he is probably trying to bribe you into doing something). Does he get you a flower? Does he kiss you on the forehead affectionately? Does he put his arms around you? These are signs that can help you get insight into how deep his love goes. Don't neglect them. Remember, though, that the way he shows you that he loves you will depend on how he was raised.

8. He publicly shows his affection

I am not talking about brazen acts of affection in public here, don't get me wrong. I am talking about reasonable displays of affection. For example, does he hold your hand? Most girls find themselves in an enigma here. Their guys say they love them but seemed terrified at the idea of holding their hands in public or even walking close to them. If a guy doesn't want to be seen so close to you in public, then something is wrong. He may actually be a cheat. Why should he refrain from holding your hand in public if he holds it in private? I would smell a rat if I were a girl.

9. He Flaunts you on Social Media

Social media is the in thing now, and everyone who is active on social media can't help but make his relationship status known to the world. In fact, these days it is almost a requirement that a person has to acknowledge their mate on social media--at least post a photo of them. If a guy does not acknowledge his mate on social media, then something could be the matter. He may not want to go public with the relationship and that could indicate that he is not into you. However, you have to exercise caution on this one, because that does not always mean he does not love you. He may just be old-school. But a guy with an active social media life has to at least acknowledge you.

10. He respects your wishes

That's right. A guy who loves you will respect your wishes. He will respect your principles. He will not force you to do things you are not comfortable with. He will only do what you allow him to do. A guy who loves you won't force you into having sex, for example. If you want to wait till marriage, he is going to respect that and wait till then.

11. He consults you or notifies you before making major Decisions

When making major decisions that could impact your relationship, a guy who loves you will tell you so that he can seek your opinion; and then the two of you will reach a conclusion. A guy who doesn't love you will go right ahead and make the decision without consulting you. Please note that this does not mean that he will always agree with you. If you disagree with him, it does not always mean he will not go ahead with the decision, and it doesn't mean he loves you any less.

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