The Fake City Life

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I look at the world around me and think a lot. And I have
come to the conclusion that city life and town life--the so-called modern
life--is fake and a bunch of crap.


For starters, we spend all our time chasing money; day in
and day out. It's important that we find that money so that we stay in the city
and enjoy all the goody good things the city provides; otherwise, without
money, we shall be kicked out. Nothing in the city is free. The only thing you
don't pay for is probably the polluted air.


Think about it: thousands of people all crowded in one
little place. Yes, the cities gasp for air and resources. A system has to be
and is in place to ensure a constant supply of goods and services; and once
there is even a tiny interruption in this system, catastrophe strikes.


It may look simple to you; but it is intricate. You walk
into a store; you know where to find your bread and milk. You trust it will be
there all the time. But you don't know what it takes to put that bread on the
shelf. What would happen if one day, you go to the store and all the shelves are
empty because someone somewhere did not do their job? What would happen to your
beautiful modern life? The city would crumble. Chaos would ensue; and you will
realize how unstable your city life really is.


Let's talk about that processed food you buy again. You
trust it because you buy it from a reputable store. But that store is not the
one that makes and packages the food. Hardly. They also buy from other
producers. The store has to make profit because when you really think about it,
they are in for the money (because city life is all about money, eh?). When the
emphasis is on profit, quality can be easily compromised. And so you never know
how inferior the food you eat really is. You will never know what the producers
do to ensure maximum yield or longevity. They probably break the rules—at your
expense. And so the food you consume is probably flawed. And you wonder why
strange diseases are creeping in.

And here’s another thought—people in the city; because they
depend so much on other people who really don’t give a crap about them but
themselves; are so vulnerable to annihilation. Food that is mass-produced can
easily become a means to an evil end.

So you live in the city and you think you are in control of
your life? You are a slave to a system. You are stuck in your job even if you
think it sucks because someone somewhere thinks you are not at all qualified
for your dream job which you can probably do well given the chance. Or there
are just no other jobs in the city. And so they tell you to use your
initiative. How do you use your initiative in an environment which is
predesigned to mess with you?

Now let’s talk of our girls. The city girls. The town girls.
They wear fake hair and speak fake accents. They judge a man by his ability
make money and drive a car and buy them sweet and shiny things. They don’t know
that there is a heavy price to pay for all such sweet things. In the city,
there is.

Our children spend time with total strangers. They spend
more time with other people because their parents are busy making money. Their
parents don’t know their children and their children don’t know their parents.
Television is the silent, destructive, insidious nanny we have hired to teach
our children morals. But what morals does television have? And you wonder why
our children are turning out evil.

Our children don’t even know their mother tongues or father
tongues. They know foreign tongues and they speak in foreign accents. They have
forgotten their roots. They do not know who they really are;  they have adopted alien cultures.

Look at us.

We spend so much time looking for money we are too tired to
live and enjoy the things that we buy with that money. No, we can’t afford to
get too comfortable. We have to go and look for more money as soon as possible.

We are tired. Like zombies. We have rings under eyes because
we spent the whole night working hard so that we can find more money; so that
we can find little bits of dirty paper and metal. So that we can exchange them
for shiny and sweet things the city life has to offer. We are city zombies.

So would you blame me if I say the city life is a bunch of

I rest my  case.

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