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Are you afraid of
living like I once I’m?

Afraid of tomorrow’s
unknown harm?

Are you afraid of
smiling into the face of life

Maybe because all you
see in it is strife?

Or perhaps because
living feels like a crime

And for what you know
not you feel the blame

So you crumble down
into a ball of pity

Huddled in a little
corner—your arms trying to blanket your misery

But alas your skimpy
arms with no will

Can’t muffle the dread
you feel.


You were born, thrust
into this cold world

Never asking for it a
name was attached to your forehead

Like a sponge you
soaked in the dreariness around you

And swallowed the
pills of expectation from the responsible crew

Who appeared to
already know what your future will be

And imagined your
destiny was their cup of coffee to brew

And you drunk it and
sucked it in and down!

But then a storm grew
inside you in a wretched hurry

And soon became a
hurricane of fury!

Helplessly you watched
the  town wrecked to pieces

Their dream destiny
dashed and smashed to bits

Yet you mourned like
it was yours dream too

Shedding a torrent of
tears not few.

Because of the storm
in your heart that you made grow

The floor beneath you
fell through

And you plummeted into
the dark abyss of guilt and regret.


But I say to you now
arise out of that abyss!

Realize that you are
not responsible for that which is amiss!

You have your own
destiny to build,

Your own city to mold.

They want you to be a
Judas or a Saint

But that is your own
choice to make


Arise out of that pit
of broken bits and pieces

And build your own
city from those small fragments.

Look up to the sun in
the bright blue sky

And realize you no
longer have to cry!

Lift up your arms and
touch your dreams

And become filled with
the energy that from them streams


Yes, arise from the
pit of regret and guilt for a life not lived

For dreams not fulfilled

For those dreams were
not yours to hold

That city was not
yours to build


Yes, arise—

And build your city.

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