Five things Social Media is Telling us About your Relationship

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What Social Media reveals about your Relationship

As a social media expert, I of all people should know the impact that social media can have on a relationship. Trust me, I should know better. I created an interactive social website whose interactive nature definitely has an effect on relationships. I actually met my better half on the very social site I created.

So with my knowledge gained through experience and mere observation, the following are some of the things that the way you interact on social media reveals about your relationship.

1. You are Crazy in love

Yep. We can tell how crazy in love you are from your posts on social media. With all those photos of yourselves all over Facebook smiling happily, who can't tell that you are drunk in love?

People who are so in love can do the weirdest things; and this isn't any different on social media. They post photos of themselves till it starts getting annoying to observers. They write posts in which they declare their love for each other without giving a single care what other people think or say.

One trend which tends to annoy people is couples posting posts of a seemingly private nature on each others profiles, in full view of the observing public.

'Why don't they just send each other messages?' people often ask. 'Why do we have to be privy to this?'

Well, knowing how it is like to be crazy in love, I just smile and say nothing. You see, all they are saying is: 'We are shamelessly in love and we have nothing to hide. We want the whole world to know about it.'

2. How much time you spend Together

Oh yes, we can tell how much time you spend together from your posts.

If you post a lot of photos of yourself without your better half, we can quickly conclude that you two hardly hang out together.

If your photos have your better half conveniently photo-shopped into the them, then we might conclude that your relationship is probably a long distance relationship or has major issues.

However, if you post photos of yourself together with your better half in different localities each week, then we can tell that you two spend a lot of time together and your relationship is healthy.

And if you probably don't post anything, it could also mean you are two busy having fun to find time to visit the boring world of social media.

3. How faithful you are to each other

Posting photos of your girlfriend or boyfriend on social platforms such as Facebook is a daring move; because Facebook is a public place. It is the equivalent of being seen walking in public with your girlfriend or boyfriend, hand in hand. It is a declaration of your sole involvement with the person you are taking photos with. It is in itself a 'marriage' of sorts.

People who cheat have a hard time posting photos of themselves together with their partners on Facebook because they do not want to offend one party. They would rather not make any posts that might expose their lying, cheating, dastardly ways.

Posting a photo of yourself with your boyfriend on social media is a way of saying: 'Hey, this is my man; the only one I roll with. This is the official one.'

Please observe: if you know a person is cheating in a relationship, they will make no mention of being in a relationship on social media, or even post photos of their partners, unless their partners are social-media illiterate. However, considering that people on social media always know someone who knows someone who knows you, this is a risk they are not willing to take.

4. The Stage of your Relationship

Social media can tell us a lot about what stage your relationship is. You will be surprise by how many signals you are giving out to the world by the extent to which you use social media.

The Tentative Stage

We can tell that your relationship is in the tentative, early stage by the posts you make. At this stage, you probably won't acknowledge that you are in a relationship. You are not sure yet and you are wondering when to declare to the world that you are in a relationship.

You will rather only hint at it in through posts such us:

"I had such a wonderful time last night!"


"OMG!!! Could this be it?"

Those who are close to you will know what you are referring to and will know that your relationship is still at the 'first-kiss' stage.

The Revelation Stage

This is probably the most exciting stage in a relationship: the stage when you declare to the whole world that you are actually in a relationship. Your relationship status changes. Photos of you and your one-and-only come flooding in one after another.

The Wild tides of Trouble

Uh huh, even when your relationship is going through the blues, we can tell from your posts. Even if you do not directly state that you are talking about how much your partner peeves you and that they have been nominated for eviction from the big brother house of your relationship, we can tell their heads are on the chopping board from posts such as:

"Loneliness is killing me these days!"


"Some people can be so immature!"

And when your posts become so much about defending yourself and your propensities, we know that your relationship is on the rocks.

For example, a selfie of yourself looking all sexy with a caption like this:

"I am sexy and I know it and I don't care what you think!"


"How about this!"

5. How Serious you are

It is interesting to watch the transition of a relationship on social media: to watch it grow from the tentative stage through to the revelation stage; to observe how they tame the tides of turbulence.

In all this, social media can help us know how seriously committed to each other you are and whether you are going to tie the knot or run at the first hint of trouble.

For example, people who have a long history of jumping from one relationship to another tend to repeat the same pattern all the time and social media tends to afford us an entertaining way of keeping track of such people.

So be careful what you reveal on social media and also what you don't reveal; because that can tell us a lot about your relationship.

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