Remember Us, My Wife

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Remember me, my wife
Remember who I am 
Just like I remember you:
Every time I look at you
I remember your shy smile
When you lay your eyes on me for the first time.
I am still that same man you fell in love
Yes always remember who I am.

Remember us, my wife
Remember from where we have come from
Yes the journey has been long
And we have suffered together along the way
And I may have lost some of the lustre in my eyes
And wrinkles have come on my forehead
From thinking of how to make our lives better;
But always remember where we have come from.

Remember us, my wife
Remember how much we love each other.
Sometimes we may be tossed around
And kicked around by the troubles of this life;
And at other times we may fight each other
And forget to love each other
But always remember how much we love each other.

Remember me, my wife
Remember that I am your superman
Sometimes I may be worn out by disease
And I can grow weary
Debilitated and weakened till I fail to stand up
But always remember that I am always your superman.

Remember us, my wife
Remember how we glow together
How the whole world stares at us in wonder
Wishing they could be us
Yes, always remember, that God brought us together.

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