What Heartbreak and Betrayal Can Teach us about God

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Oftentimes, we wonder why we go through  certain things in life that leave us hurt and devastated. At such times, we are quick to question God and even ask if he cares. Yes, some experiences we go through are so painful that they leave us questioning life itself, leaving us with no will to live at all. 

However, such experiences like heartbreak and grief, when viewed positively, can help us understand our heavenly Father better. Let's talk of the pain of heartbreak and betrayal and what it can teach us about our heavenly Father. 

Most of us have been heartbroken and betrayed before. The pain of heartbreak is so devastating and debilitating that there are no words that can really describe it. What hurts even more is when the people causing the pain are those that we dearly love. 

At times like this, people tend to blame themselves or most of the time, God. They ask him why he allows such to happen and why he could not have prevented the pain by not allowing them to get into the relationship in the first place. However, they fail to understand that sometimes, God allows us to go through certain things so that we appreciate him further. How so?

Think about it, what makes heartbreaks so painful?

The fact that you love someone completely.

The fact that you have invested time and effort into the relationship.

The fact that you have even taken risks  and made costly sacrifices for the individual.

The fact that someone with whom you were once so intimate is now intimate with someone else. 

The fact that someone whom you trusted completely has turned around and stubbed you in the back.

The fact that someone has broken your heart and they do not feel any remorse for it.

Yes, these are some of the reasons that make heartbreak or betrayal so painful and grievous. Some people are unable to recover from it and end up taking to substance abuse like over-indulging in alcohol in an effort to drown their pain. Others even end up taking their own lives. 

However, those who heal, those who allow the healing process to take place become better people; and more importantly, those who take the time to meditate and listen to God during this time experience a peace of mind that is beyond human comprehension. (Philippians 4:6-7)

How can the anguish of heartbreak or betrayal help us to learn more about God?

Take a moment and think about the following:

God loves us so much. He loves us in a way that we cannot even completely understand. In fact, the bible says 'He loves us because God loves us' (1 John 4:10).

He invested time and effort to build for us a beautiful home; a lovely home; with everything that we could need.

God has made the biggest sacrifices for us. He gave us his only begotten son in order to save us. Think about it: his only begotten son. He watched his son die for our sake. 

And yet, everyday, thousands of people all over the world turn their backs on him; some even bad-mouthing him, saying he does not care about them!

The pain and grief that God feels is beyond comprehension: we cannot fathom it as humans. However, we come close to beginning to understand this pain when we experience heartbreak or betrayal. We only come close to understanding. 

Compared to God, the sacrifices we have made for anyone amount to nothing. Simply comparing ourselves to him may help us heal quickly. 

Yes, the pain; the grief that we can through in the wake of a heartbreak can help us understand our Father; because we are made in his image. The emotions that we experience: anger, pain, grief--these are just a small glimpse into the persona of God. 

So next time you are hurt, think of God and how much pain the people who reject him cause him. It will inevitably bring you closer to him. 

"Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption" -- Ephesians 4:30

Stay tuned for the next article where I will talk about what grief can teach us about God.

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