Ten Ways to Tell a Girl Likes You

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Most guys my age or younger have a problem detecting the proverbial green light—knowing that a girl is into you and likes you and wants you to make a move. Many guys end up missing out on opportunities simply because they are too blind to see.

And the fact that girls are usually on the passive side—waiting for the guy to make the first move—does not make it any easier. So guys have to know when a girl is ready for the taking.

Over the years, I have learnt how to tell that a girl likes me.

It’s not magic. I don’t have super powers. It’s just that after years of being rejected and turned town, and having the proverbial door shut in my face, I became a little bit more sensitive.

So today, I think I should share some hints to the guy s on how to tell that a girl likes them so that they end up with a girl and not be lonely FOREVER.

So listen close.

For starters please don’t use a flower. Leave the beautiful flower petals alone.  ‘She loves me; she loves me not’, is just a silly childish game.

1.       She tolerates you

If a girl tolerates you, it is a good sign that she likes you. If a girl doesn’t like you, she will try by all means to avoid you or chase you away with a wide assortment of excuses ranging from ‘I am in the middle of a test’ to ‘I am talking to my mama’. However, be careful, sometimes she may only tolerate you because she is just being nice. Be sure to read the ‘leave-me-alone’ sign on her face.

2.       She makes time for you

If a girl makes time for you from her busy schedule to pick up your call or respond to your text, then she is into you. If you call a girl repeatedly and she does not pick up or she never responds to your texts, it is time to check next door, guys.  Even if she does reply, check how long her responses come. If she replies after a day, then she is simply trying to tell you that she is not interested and you do well to read this sign. Trust me; if a girl likes you, she will respond before you even press the send button.

3.       She smiles at you

If a girl always smiles at you despite the weather, that is a sure sign that she likes you. Trust me, if a girl doesn’t like you, she will barely smile at you; and if she does, her smiles will be so brief you will wonder if you really saw her smile. But if each time you greet her or see her and she flashes you a smile, and that smile lingers on even after you part, then you are in luck.

4.       Her eyes light up when she sees you

Whenever she sees you, you see her eyes light up. You see that shine in her face. That is a sure sign, guys. Go for it, especially if it is coupled with a  smile.

5.       She always greets you

If a girl always greets you; even when you forget to greet her; if she stops you in your tracks to offer you a greeting, she is definitely into you.

6.       She doesn’t mind being seen in Public with you

If a girl agrees to take a walk with you in public, if she doesn’t look over her shoulder when she’s walking with you, then you mean something to her. Guys, if a girl always refrains from walking you further than the gate, then she is embarrassed by you and doesn’t want to be seen with you in public because she can’t bear the shame of being called your girl friend.

7.       She always Asks you Personal Questions

Ever had that girl who asks you if you have a girl friend and wants the 411 on who you are dating and how things are going? That girl freaking likes you and is hoping to be the only girl in your life. She will pretend to be happy for you when things are going well in your love-life; but deep down, it’s hurting her so bad.

8.      She gives you invitations to take her out

Some girls are braver than others and will ask you outright to take them out. They will make suggestions to you to take them out like:

“We should go for ice-cream some day.”

“What do you think of the new cinema in parklands?”

Don’t think they are always out for your money. They may just want to let you know that they are available. So go for it.

Some girls will actually invite to take you out. Don’t be too proud and miss out on having a girl friend.

9.      She tells her family all about you

Ever had that girl who is just a friend but to your amazement almost all her family members know all about you? As the Bemba would say ‘Wiikata napa chani’. That girl likes you to bits. Take a shot at her and she will be head over heels.

10.  She plays hard to get

This might be the strangest of them all, and most guys get confused by it because a girl would seem to be sending them wrong signals and acting in a totally different way. Listen if a girl really likes you, she may fear that if she appears too easy to get, you may freak out and ditch her. So, appropriately, she will pretend to be disinterested in you and even turning down some offers. Sometimes girls behave all silly especially if they know you like them. They may simply want you to fight for them a bit. Girls love it when a guy goes an extra mile just to get them.

In case you don’t know guys, you usually compete amongst each other for a girl’s affection. The one who leaves the biggest impression on her mind usually win.

Sometimes, good guys usually lose out because they give up too soon because of fear of rejection.

Ever wondered why total idiots end up with the girl? They are daring and bold and do not fear rejection.

So has a girl shown you any or all of these signs? She might just be the one. Take a shot at her instead of miserable sitting at home and wondering why you are so alone.


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