Responses to What If We are Wrong?

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When I suggested to the world that Jehovah's Witnesses could be wrong on the most important aspects of Christianity, I got some of the following responses.

Some of them made me want to go and kill myself; others made me want to run away and hide... but most made me smile.

The identity of the responders are kept private to protect their privacy.

You and Judas are the some! May God forgive u, for all that u have said about the witnesses only Jehovah is the judge, to all that u have said ask yoself to whom do u belong? Yo Heart is so treacherous, but only the 1 that examines yo heart will bless u abundantly, u may be so wise as in to writing all that u have written on yo wall since u think u truly understand the bible better, so may yo Heart bera u witness,.............Remember what Proverbs 3:5to 9 says? DO Not lean upon yo own understanding, 7 DO Not become wise in yo Own eyes Fear Jehovah and turn away to what is bad!............U say we don't believe in Jesus, then why ist that we difered our believes? Apostal Poul gave his own life for preaching the good news coz we believed in Jesus,Jesus himself commanded his followers to preach the good news from door to door on Matthews 14:24, 28:19-20! And to day who are doing that?..........while I don't know who u're but like u said we difened our believes in Jehovah I'll save and difened what the bible teachers! May the mercy of Jehovah and our Lord Jesus Christ be upon yo soul, and may he that examines our haerts make u wiser all the days of yo life!

Surely youve seen the light

sorry dady as i dont do bad assocites which the bible own so in this cause i rest my caase and all the best my dear.

Even if u saying the truth,and we re wrong. God is not happy wit u right now,u r judging his people in public,and he ll punish u 1st b4 he punishes us.

Imagin how many pipo u turned away from God becoz of that post.

Wrong move,u ll regret this mark my words. If u didn't know jehovah now u ll know him n how he feels abt pipo who tarnish his name in public knowingly.
U would have jst left quietly,if pipo wanted to know why,inbox them or meet n explain.

Hello Michael, I have been encouraged by your bold step to unveil and question the beliefs of the Jehovah's witness. I praise God who by his grace rescued you from the JW cult. May you know by the Lord's grace grow in knowledge of Christ our Lord who has redeemed us.

I wont try to reason with you man coz evidently you have given it alot of thought and alot have tried.Most of us are VERY SAD believe that that no matter what you think.I know i havent been exactly what you may call a "role model witness" and i have heard and read alot of thought from people and organisations, i have tried to see things in a different light if you like, I have also been disappointed by my brothers alot of times...but this is the one place i know things are you sure will also understand that we cant really associate after this.Again i am very sorry and very sad

Be encouraged like the prophet Elijah there are many around the world experiencing rejection becoz they refuse to follow a lie. In this season of your life, your strength will come from reading God's word with understanding regularly, to have a new mind a new way of thinking, not based on any man other than Christ. God never calls a whole family, He starts with one person, and if u can trust God, He will open the eyes of others.

Michael,U ar fighting against da spirit!!!and not humans.da history is clear.

U have a life nd goals to persue nd not fighting with TRUE GOD

OK! It was a pleasure Knowing you.
Oh! my last words:
I dont know how to say this.

Michael you have a God given gift of being naturally intelligent. please use it to serve Jehovah. PLEASE PLEASE dont leave Jehovah. Is there anything that initially distance yourself from Jehovah and made you weak and so forgot all the truths that we have been taught? if so Let the Elders in the congregation help you. If there isnt then Just return to Jehovah. Ask for a bible study to give you the strength you may have lost. PLAESE my Dear brother return to Jehovah.

Do you know that at the start of his apostasy Satan never said alot to Eve but just planted seeds of DOUBT and LIES in her mind which confused her? Gen 3:1 because of her curiosity she followed his advice and DISOBEYED Jehovah's. Most apostates have since been using this tactic of sowing seeds of DOUBT and LIES in the minds of their listeners. though they have managed to take away the weak ones from Jehovah, a great crowd of sincere ones have been flocking into Jehovah's organisation because of the simple and logic truth they hear.

Being a witness is the best way of life ever... Even if 'we were wrong', i would die a witness

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