Good girls are Liars

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The average good girl is a liar.

Yep, you heard right. I said just that. The average good girl is a liar.

Hold on a second. I am not talking about the bad good girl—the sort every guy should long to be with. No. I am talking about the average miss-goody-two-shoes. The one who wants the whole world to believe that she is perfect and pure. The one who dreams of having the perfect wedding. The one who wants to get married to a perfect man. The one who wants to live happily ever after.

The average good girl lies to herself and to society. She is responsible for all the agony that the average good guy is going through. Most good guys’ perception of girls is warped by the outrageous, lying behaviour of the good girl. The good guy has come to believe all of the good girl’s lies and is ending up hurt, humiliated and devastated.

It is time to debunk these lies and liberate the good boy once and for all.

So listen up good boys. And good girls, listen up. This is for you.

Here are the lies that good girls tell that you should not even begin to believe.

She is perfect

The good girl wants the whole world to believe that she is perfect. She wants all the men out there to think she is the very essence of perfection.

She portrays herself as the person who never makes mistakes.
Every guy who has been in a relationship with a good girl knows how much it sucks. She is so much into herself and her perfection and watches every move you make like a hawk, watching for the tiniest speckle of a mistake; and when she finds one, you are never going to see the end of it. But if you spot a rafter in her eye, she is going to accuse you of lying on her and hating on her. How ironic.

She does not like money

All girls love nice, sweet things like chocolate and ice-cream. They want the very best in life. And most of these sweet nice things are only possible to acquire with money. And so they love money.

But the good girl will not admit this. She doesn’t want you to know that she is after your money. In fact, she even lies to herself that she doesn’t want your money. So she wills say she is in it for love.

But if that is the case, why on earth does she want to marry an educated man?

Why does a good girl work so hard at school and wants to attain the highest level of education possible?

Why would a good girl dump a guy who drops out of or fails lamentably in school?

Why would a good girl dump her poor boyfriend for the rich guy next door? Because the rich guy is a nice guy?

You see, good girls want good things. And they want them now, not tomorrow. That is why they would rather date a guy who has already acquired the finer things in life. They don’t really care how he acquired the goodies he has. They don’t bother about the details. AS long as he is taking good care of them, he is the one.

So good guys, if you want a good girl, better make sure you have a heavy pocket; otherwise, the good girl is out of your league.

She is not interested in Sex

‘I am saving it for marriage and ain’t gonna give it to no one save my husband.’

Lies. The good girl will give it up for the guy she falls in love with—or is it with his cash? Ahem.

Almost all girls are fascinated by sex. In fact girls are more fascinated about sex than guys. Not only do they want it, but it is almost true to say that they need it. Naturally, they all wish to be dominated by a guy. It must have something to do with the curse God put on the woman at the beginning of the human race: “Your craving will be for your husband.” (Genesis 3:16)

I have heard a lot of good girls preaching from mountain tops that they will never ever give away their virginity. It is their pride and joy. They only have the audacity to say that because they have no clue what it is like to be in love. When you truly love someone, being intimate with them is going to happen. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when. That’s why adults who better understand these things will discourage you from spending too much together time in isolated places. Ever wondered also too why girls who are truly in love prefer to keep quiet? Ask them.

So girls who preach from mountain tops about how they are so proud of their virginity should just take a chill pill and wait their turn; otherwise they will be shot down and silenced.

She wants a good guy

This must be the nastiest lie of all. Good girls want adventure mingled with passion and danger. Good guys won’t give them that. Good guys are boring.

Girls want that romantic guy who whose stare alone will make them feel dizzy with excitement. But as we all know by now, it is really hard for a good guy to give a girl that kind of excitement. He has to be daring and bold and go where no good guy has gone before. Yep, only a bad guy can afford that kind of excitement.

When a good girl realizes that a good guy is too boring for her liking, she will go for a bad guy; but she won’t want you to think she is with the bad guy because she loves the bad things he does to her, no. She will again put up a good little lie and say: “I wanna change him.”

Hell no, a guy changes because he wants to. He won’t change for no good girl.

Falling in love with a bad guy is like adopting a grown wild animal and telling yourself that you will tame it. Chikakulyapofye!

She is good

So you are a good girl and you tell yourself and the world at large that you are good?


No one is good, except one, God. (Luke 18:19)

And in every good girl is a bad girl, dying to break free!

So good girls, having said all this, stop the pretence already and just let it go. Be your darn selves.

And good guys, watch out for the good girls and their lies. Otherwise, you will be wondering why all the good girls are always taken by the bad guys who don’t believe their lies.

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