Life Outside the Organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses

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One thing that 'incumbent' Jehovah's Witnesses are so curious about is this: Can one be really happy outside Jehovah's Organization?

Why ask such a question?

Well, they are taught that life in the world, that is, outside the organization, without the protection of the brothers is so hard and gruesome and miserable. It is horrible out there, they are taught. There are vicious, ravenous dogs; monstrous beasts devoid of all affection. If you leave, you won't survive for long.

Being of the curious sort, I had to investigate this for myself. When I left the organization for reasons of conscience, I told the good elders that I needed time away, because sometimes, when you leave that's when you can appreciate the value or valueless-ness of something.

If only they could let me go that easily. Even if I was taking time-out, I still had to be officially expunged, for apostasy no less.

I must admit. Being out sucked. I felt dirty. I felt condemned. I felt apostate.

But none of my 'worldly' friends were beastly (except one or two--there's always one or two). None of them were cold and distant and uncaring. None of them were responsible for my misery.

It was the brothers who were responsible for my misery. The brothers who ignored me. The brothers who shunned me. The brothers who judged me as apostate--the highest form of crime conceivable. They were the ones who made me feel less of a human being.

And bit by bit, the organisation felt even colder than ever. I started seeing vicious, monstrous beasts of the brothers. I was not inclined to return. Never.

It was warmer outside. Outside, I was a sir. I was a mister. I was a human being whose opinion meant something. I had friends. I had family. I could be myself.

I discovered loud, noisy Christians. I discovered people, like me, who believed belonging to Christ was more important than belonging to an organization. Who tolerated dissenting views to a level that I could comfortably sustain.

I discovered jeans. I can now go to church in jean trousers and not feel like I am breaking a certain, unspecified commandment somewhere which says 'Thou Shall not wear Jeans.'

So is life outside the organization really miserable?

Only if you let the brother's coldness get to you. They will treat you worse than the 'fornicators' and 'adulterers' of this world. Them they will talk to. You they won't. Because you left them; and it doesn't matter for what reason you left.

Interestingly, since I left, about two girls I closely associated with at some point, have been disfellowshipped. Don't get me wrong. I had nothing to do with it. They got too friendly with guys and went into unchattered territory. They probably deserved it. They probably didn't. It's ironic that they now want to talk to me at all costs even if they initially used to by-pass me as if I were a ghost.

So once again, the question: can one really be happy outside the organization?

Long answer short, I am not going back to the organization any time soon.

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