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A Young Man's Plight

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Date Created:28 Jun 2015

Last Modified:28 Jun 2015

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A young man’s plight

A young man needs a job.
He has been walking the whole day along the streets full of strife;
His throat is patched and his lips are cracking dry;
His eyes have no more tears for him to cry;
His shoes are worn out and the heel is gone.
Just like his hope with each step—is gone.
Everywhere he is told there is no job for a young man;
Because he is still a boy straight from school this young man
He has no experience at all to work.
He tells them he can learn, and he is not a fake;
But no one wants a young man to teach;
For it will cost too much a young man to teach.

A young man has no home;
All the homes now belong to the old and out of form;
Given to them years ago at a price too tiny to see.
The old and out of form will not give anything without a fee.
A young man has to pay for a partition of an abode—
A fee too high, he can barely afford.
A young man has no place to call his own;
Every day he jumps from place to place looking for a home;
A home he can’t find, a home not there;
Every piece of land and every building belong to the old and it’s not fair.

A young man needs some money.
A young man goes to the banker for they promise money;
But a young man has no job and has no land and has no car.
The banker can’t trust the young man’s business by far:
He is a high risk and the money he could squander;
He could go and use it on whores and make a blander.
No a young man can’t be trusted because he has no money;
He doesn’t realize that the banker only gives money to those with money.

A young man needs a wife
He looks all over the town for a woman to wife.
But he can’t find a woman to agree to be his;
For a woman needs money, sweets and dainty things.
But a young man has nothing in his pocket—
The young man has holes in his pocket.
A girl’s father asks for cattle, poultry and maybe a car
In exchange for the hand of his one sweet daughter.
But the young man has none of these
So a young man has to sleep alone in his bed and freeze.

The old and out of form have everything;
The young man has nothing.
Yet the young man wants to have it all,
So the young man decides to rob and steal to have something and more;
But he is caught at the earliest by the state police
Who do not hesitate to throw him into a jail cell full of lice.
They beat him day and night and call him a criminal
Because the young man decided to follow the easy way of an animal
And quickly in the cold jail cell his life ebbs away;
And quickly the young man fades away;
And quickly the man is no more;
And no one remembers the young man’s plight forever more.

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