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The Number One Source of Unhappiness

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Date Created:09 Feb 2015

Last Modified:09 Feb 2015

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The number one source of unhappiness is discontentment. If people can learn to be content, then they can be happy.

Contentment is satisfaction with one’s situation. It is an acceptance of one’s lot in life. Yes, it means being happy with what you currently have.

Unfortunately, most people are not content with what they have. They desire something more than what they have. They feel as if what they currently have is not good enough. They tell themselves that things will really be cool if they had this or that; and so they work hard to get it. Their current achievements don’t seem good enough because it does not measure to what they want.

Such people will always be unhappy. They will be unhappy with their achievements. They do not have the patience to wait for their work to mature and yield results. They will feel as if they are wasting their time with their current venture because it is not yielding results as fast as they wants.

People who are not content will probably leave a long chain of unfinished projects. Because they are so hasty for success, they will try all sorts of tricks to reach where they want to be. They will seek short-cuts.  Hard work takes time. It requires effort.  And sometimes, it seems to take forever.

Because they are so hasty for success; because they so badly want to get to what they envision as fast as possible; they begin to feel that the reason they are not yet there is because they are on the wrong path or are approaching the matter wrongly. So they leave the path they are on and follow another one which promises quick results. Their hasty actions led to more misery. It leads to more and more failure.

Discontented people are disillusioned. They envision that when they have something or achieve something, then they will be really happy. But the truth is, when they achieve the envisioned thing, they will seek something else. Their happiness will only last as long as they are content with their achievement.

On the other hand, people who are content appreciate their current circumstances. They are positive and they find a reason to be happy with what they have.

Being content doesn’t mean being visionless. On the contrary! People who are content have dreams and visions. But they are not in a hurry to get there. They enjoy the journey. If for some reason they make a decision which results in loss, they patiently analyze where they went wrong. They know success sometimes takes time. They know that failure is part of the whole process. They learn from it and forge ahead.

People who are content learn to look at the positive side of everything. They realize that they have a lot to be thankful for. They actually notice that they have made progress. They compare where they were a day, a week, a month or a year ago and realize that they have moved closer to their goal.

People who are content know that they have a lot to be thankful for. They are not self-centered. They seek out to help people with less than what they have. This helps them appreciate the lot they have.

So which do you want to be, happy or unhappy?

Remember, it’s not that thing which you don’t have that will make you happy. It is that which you already have. You already have everything you need to be happy. All you have to do is embrace it.

Stop looking to others to make you happy. Look within yourself. If you are unhappy within yourself, no one else can make you happy. It is in fact selfish to expect other people to work to make you happy.

If you appreciate yourself and what you have, you will be happy. And when you are happy, you can share that happiness with others. That will lead to more and more happiness.

Happiness, like love and knowledge, increases when it is shared.

So learn to do things that make you happy; and find a way of involving other people in those things.

You will become a very happy person.

Start right now.

Start with what you have.

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