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Why Guys Like Bad Girls

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Date Created:31 Dec 2014

Last Modified:31 Dec 2014

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It is a known fact that guys love bad girls. If you are a girl and wondering why the bad girls seems to have all the boys, wonder no more! Today, I reveal to you why. If you are a guy, you probably know this already, so tick and confirm.

1. Bad girls are kinky
When it comes to sex, guys tend to be more kinky. Being kinky means wanting to do things that are considered weird, downright dirty or unconventional. Good girls are not in the least kinky ( or at least they pretend not to). They want normal, clean sex and are not willing to do anything that makes them feel even slightly uncomfortable. This puts off guys.

2. Bad girls love Sex
Guys love sex. Guys want sex. Guys need sex. Bad girls love sex too, and so they naturally appeal to guys. When a guy wants sex, he knows a good girl won't give it to him, at least not so easily, without making him feel as if he is a devil destined for hell by giving him all the reasons why sex is wrong, such as 'God forbids sex before marriage', 'You can get AIDS' or 'I can fall pregnant'. A guy knows that already and doesn't want to be reminded.

By the way, even though a guy doesn't want to sleep with a girl, he loves being aroused. He loves being in the presence of a woman who is physically and sexually attractive. He loves getting bestoted. He would love to hold her hand, touch her hair and hold her close. A good girl often shows a guy the hand when he insinuates himself close to her. And no guy loves being shown the hand at all.

3. Bad girls are adventurous
Bad girls, just like guys, love exploring. They boldly venture when no good girl has gone before. And that definitely attracts a guy.

Good girls on the other hand tend to be too careful and boxed it. They would rather not do anything that makes them feel even slightly uncomfortable.

4.Bad girls are flexible
Bad girls tend to be flexible. They are not rigid. They are not hemmed in by rules and regulations. Being rigid makes someone less attractive.

5.Bad Girls are not Pretenders
Bad girls are bad. They do not pretend. When you are with a bad girl, you know anything can happen. They are spontaneous. They do not restrain parts of their personality; they do not hide who they really are. If they feel like doing something, they get down to do it. Good girls on the other hand tend to hide who they really are deep down. They put on a facade of goodness that makes them appear to be a little less than human; and guys just don't love that.

Good girls try so hard to hide who they really are and what they really want to maintain their good girl status that they end up pretending.

Pretending stinks. No one likes pretending. And so guys don't like girl pretenders.

A guy just wants a girl to be her darn self and not pretend to be the holiest person on earth. Bad girls have a hard time pretending, and so guys tend to like them for that.

Oh, and of course, guys don't like nasty surprises. They would rather be with a Judas whom they know than a saint who hides her true personality.


So there you go. Now you know why guys like bad girls.

However, a word of caution, if you want to be bad, don't overdo it; because in the end it will work against you; because ironically, when it comes to a life partner, guys often prefer the good girls. So if you are a good girl, don't despair. Even if you finish last, you will probably finish in style.

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