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Ladies Watch What you Wear

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Date Created:18 Nov 2014

Last Modified:19 Nov 2014

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In the light of what happened recently in Kenya, the question often arises: does it really matter how women dress? Aren’t they free to wear anything that they want?

Back at school, I asked a classmate of mine the following question: “Why do you dress up the way you do? Don’t you know that the way you dress often affects us men?”

Her reply was: “As long as I feel comfortable, I don’t care about what others think.”

It startled me and left me thinking that maybe she does have a point.  Woman are pretty much free to wear anything that they fancy.

However, it seems, the men in Kenya don’t think so. They are saying: “If you don’t dress up right, we shall strip you naked.”

It is not only in Kenya where men get offended by women’s dressing.  Even in my country, Zambia, men often get offended to the point of stripping indecently dressed women.

But it seems it is not only men who are disturbed when a woman decides to exposed a little more of her body than is regarded normal. Women too get offended. I have been amazed to see women stare long and hard with looks of derision on their faces. They get appalled because, as they put it, exposing the female body gravely disrespects it and definitely undervalues it.

But as a man, I will speak as a man and for the men. The following are the reasons why women should watch their dressing:

1. Men are Sexually aroused by what they see

Like it or not women, we men are arouse by what we see. It is natural and the best we can often do is look away. But that is easier said than done.  It is not easy to control these eyes.

Men are sexual creatures, and they are the ones who often initiate a sexual encounter. The way a women is dressed will often capture their attention. If a woman is dressed skimpily, men will often take it as an invitation to make a move.

This is why female prostitutes dress up so skimpily. It works effectively on men.

If you go on a date dressed in very revealing clothes, don’t be surprised if your boyfriend makes a move a you. That is the message you are probably putting to him.


2. Bad dressing Makes you less respectable

 Self respect is important. A woman who respects her body and dresses up well will correspondingly be respected by men. 

If you dress up badly, men will not respect you and will even attempt to touch you indecently. I have seen this happen to unfortunate women.

 So if you want men to respect you, respect yourself by dressing up decently.


3. Men are looking for a Decent Life Partner

 When it comes to a marriage partner, men often look for a woman who respects herself and is mature. The way you dress up often says a lot about your maturity.

 A woman who dresses up skimpily will not appear mature and serious to a man and therefore they will hardly consider her for long term commitment. Men will likely just use her for a one-night stand and ditch her afterwards.

 I have often heard men say: “This one can’t be a wife. She’s just for fun.”

 And the sad thing is that most women don’t know that they are just a trophy. This often happens to women who have very little self-respect. Men just don’t see them making good wives.

 Furthermore, men are jealous and they would rather their woman does not expose any sensitive part of their bodies.  If a man really loves you, he will be jealous over you and will not allow you to dress skimpily in public because he doesn’t want you to attract other men.


4. Indecent Dressing Makes you Look Ugly

 Believe it or not, some body parts are not supposed to be exposed. They are not just that good to look it. Skimpy dressing often makes you more ugly than attractive.


5. Your dressing Speaks Volumes about you

 You can often tell so much about a person’s personality and those they represent from their dressing. If a person dresses up badly, more often than not, people wonder about the kind of home she is coming from and how her parents or husband allowed her to go into public dressed so badly.  You may be a decent person, but the way you dress up will make people think you are indecent with very few good morals, and worse still, it will misrepresent those that you stay with or your partner.

 When you go out there in public, you are representing not only yourself, but also the people at home, so take good care!

 So next time you go out, ladies, watch what you wear! It does matter what you wear and it might save you a lot of embarrassment!



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