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Talk about your Dreams and Aspirations

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Date Created:03 Nov 2014

Last Modified:13 Jan 2015

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Have you ever had a dream that you thought was so preposterous that you were afraid to even talk about it for fear of being laughed at? That is a huge mistake. If you are too afraid to talk about your dreams, it will be harder for them to come true.

For starters, most dreams sound preposterous, even downright stupid. By dreams, I mean ambitions and aspirations; what you would love to accomplish in the short term or long term. But like the adage goes, there is not such thing as a stupid dream.

Just take a look at most of the things that great people have accomplished today. You will notice that most of them seemed ridiculous, even stupid, at the time they were conceived: horseless carriages(now known as cars), television, aeroplanes; to mention just a few.

I am sure when the Wright brothers conceived the idea of making men fly, some of their friends thought they were being unreasonable.

Yes, sometimes dreams can sound unreasonable, and the bigger the dream, the more preposterous it sounds; but that is the whole idea really. Dreams often sound like that because they have not yet been achieved. We often dream of what we have not accomplished or very few other people have. They often seem preposterous because they have not been achieved and the effort required to achieve them can be extraordinary.

So just because they seem impossible to achieve doesn't mean they are stupid dreams. Most dreams before they are achieved appear impossible.

But one thing that we have been endowed with is the power of creativity. God has filled us with an infinite creative capacity and, listen carefully, we can to some extent will something into reality.

Yes, you heard right. God has endowed us with a capacity to will something into existence. We may not realize it, but all of us have that gift.

How many times have you wanted something badly and told yourself that you will have it at all costs and by some remarkable occurrence, ended up having it? It has happened to me on many occasions. That is that will power that we are endowed with that, if harnessed properly, can grant us almost anything that we want. The key is to want it hard enough.

Now this is where talking about your dream comes in.

Why should you talk about your dreams?

The answer is very interesting: Because the more you talk about your dream, the more real it becomes. It will become more real not only to you but also to the people around you.

As you talk about your dream, you are showing that you really want it to become real. And according to the way God designed things, circumstances around you will start re-aligning themselves to make your dream come true.

Even more interesting, you start attracting people that can help you make your dream come true. Yes, you create a certain halo and energy that starts attracting anything that will make your dream come true.

People will open up to you and even start giving you advice on how to make your dream possible. Some will make generous contributions in terms of finances. You might even meet people who have similar dreams and partner with you to make your dreams come true; because more often than not, you need other people to help you make your dreams come true.

So don't stop talking about your dream.

Sometimes you may even need to write it down. Just like talking about it, writing it down makes it more and more realistic.

A word of Caution

You have to exercise care, however, that you talk not just to any Jim and Jack; but to the right people. Some people are so negative that they will discourage you and make your dreams die.

Some people are crooked and can discourage you from doing something which they know is totally possible because they know what power lies in your dream and want it only for themselves.

Seek out those who you can trust; those people who are positive and can influence you positively.

So keep on talking to the right people about your dream, and working towards it, and it will definitely come true.

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