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Rejected No More

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Date Created:20 Aug 2014

Last Modified:20 Aug 2014

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I used to be angry
With the whole world but maybe with me
It’s the feeling—the feeling of being discarded:
Of being treated like a disposable bag—
Used and after use tossed away;
It had and was happening to me
Not once but twice and three times and maybe more:
She used me; they ditched me; she left me; they hated me
All because I was only being myself
And decided to remove the splinter from my mind.

Rejection – the greatest painful pain I have known
Being disowned by those you can family and friend
And this because you couldn’t be anything but yourself
It soaked into me and burnt through me.
They turned their backs on me:
They hate me; they don’t like me; they hate me.
Once too many times; twice I seriously lost it:
Not again, not again, not again, not again—
I can’t be going through this shit again
The pain is grinding my esteem to bits and pieces.

After a while, rejection felt normal and good and ordinary
And I started loving pain and disease
And squeezed myself into a little corner
Fenced off from the world by my pain and aloneness
Being me, loving me and loving hurting me.

But then she came
With tears in her eyes—
Tears of her own rejection
She sat down on the floor and told me her tale
Of how she had been rejected:
Ditched and hurt and hated once or twice or maybe three times.
We sat on the cold floor and told our sad tales
Put our arms around each other and sang songs to each other.

She showed me attention and not rejection—
Confused I lashed out at her
And tried to push her away:
For taking away the pain I had come to love.
But she told me:
It is time to let the pain go away
And show each other love and affection
Hold my hand and walk tall with me:
I take you, I take you—you are mine;
You take me, you take me—I am yours.
And no more—no more rejection.
As of this day, they will learn to accept us
Because who we are is stronger than them all.

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