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Be Prepared for Success

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Date Created:16 Aug 2014

Last Modified:17 Aug 2014

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Everyone wants to be successful. And everyone can be successful. But the sad truth is that not everyone is prepared for success. Therefore, when an opportunity comes, it usually passes them by.

I have a lot of friends who want to be successful. Most of them have big, beautiful dreams. But the sad truth is that, they are doing absolutely nothing about it.

I once asked to a friend of mine: “Hey, if an investor suddenly shows up with a billion dollars and thrusts it in your hands saying ‘Here you go: stop what you are doing and fulfill your dreams’ what would you do?”

You see, success is not an overnight thing. It takes weeks, months and even years of preparation and hard work.

Dreaming is good. Having dreams is good. It is what starts us off on the path to success. But merely having dreams is not enough. We have to work on them.

Most people think that what limits them from achieving their goals is resources. This is true to some extent. But the biggest limit is our mindset. Success starts in the mind. Even if you had all the resources you need, you would not succeed if you are not ready for it.

People often tell me about what they would love to do. But I do not see any passion in them. I see them just drifting through life, allowing life to toss them about. They do not work towards their goals. They claim they have to do certain things first; that they are waiting for circumstances to be right. They do not prepare for success. Such people fail when resources become available or circumstances become right. Why? They were not ready for it. Success comes with hard work.

A person who has the mindset for success succeeds way before they actually find resources to fulfill their goals. They use the little they have to work towards their goal. They are passionate about it. They talk about it. Everything they do is infused with the passion of their goal. Slowly, they attract the right people and eventually, it is these people who help them achieve their goals.

One thing you should realize is that the universe is designed in such a way that it slowly shifts to accommodate our desires. If you desire something hard enough, and work towards it, it will eventually come to you. And so does success.

Success, like most good things, does not come easy. It requires hard work and persistence. There are so many things that will get in our way of success. But if you do not let up they will eventually pass.

So if you want to be successful and have a great story to tell future generations, prepare yourself for it. Work towards it with whatever resources you have.

When opportunity meets preparation, what do you have?


If you are not prepared for success, opportunity will come and it will pass you by. Sometimes, you will see the opportunity and try to grab it; but then struggle helplessly as it slips out of your reach. But most times, you will not see it.

But if you are prepared, you will see the opportunity. And grab it. And you will succeed. And your success would not have happened over night; but over a long period of preparation.

So if you want to succeed, don’t wait for circumstances to be right. Start now. Start getting ready for it NOW.

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