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Let Go

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Date Created:20 Jul 2014

Last Modified:10 Aug 2014

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LET GO is a collection of Twenty of Lj Kundananji's earliest and most touching and earliest short stories.

The Stories are as listed Below:

  1. I Can’t Live Without You

  2. Lost Dream

  3. Beautiful Ones Do Not Exist

  4. Hedged-In

  5. Forgotten

  6. Hard-to-Get

  7. John and Sarah

  8. The Nearest is the Dearest

  9. A Dog’s Life

  10. My True Love

  11. Unworthy

  12. She Stood Waiting

  13. The Miserable Life of Mary Mpata

  14. Remembering Frank

  15. Girl Power

  16. Angela

  17. Crush, Crash and Clash

  18. Broken Heart

  19. Option C

  20. Hard Choice  

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