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Fear is Faith

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Date Created:15 Jul 2014

Last Modified:11 Aug 2014

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If you fear that something will happen, it will happen; and it will happen with the same ferocity that you fear it will.

Why is that so?

Because fear is faith. And according to the way the universe works, if you believe in something hard enough, and long enough, it will become reality.

Fear looms heavily all over the world today. There is fear everywhere. Truth be told, there is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world today that warrants fear.

People are afraid for their lives; they are afraid for the people they love.

People are afraid they will wake up one day and find their home gone and all their assets gone.

People are afraid of even something as basic as travelling because of the unprecedented rise in accidents.

People are afraid of other people. We hardly trust each other anymore. We are afraid of each other.

Indeed, the world is one scary place.

But there is something you can do. You can stop fearing. You can start hoping. You can start being optimistic. You can start believing that good things will happen soon.

You know why fear is so bad? It immobilizes you. It incapacitates you. You find yourself totally unable to function because of too much fear. Let’s give an example.

Say you start a small business. You are optimistic and happy. You believe you are going to make it. You put your mind and energy into it and you start seeing results.

However, one day, someone discourages you. They tell you you cannot succeed; that it is nearly impossible to make it in this cut throat business world of nowadays. They assure you that you are going to fail lamentably. You listen to them and you start believing them. You convince yourself that they are right; that you are going to fail. You start fearing failure. It sups you of your optimism and energy. You see no point in working hard—after all you are going to fail. In no time, your business packs up. You have failed. You have failed because you feared you would fail. You believed you would fail. You were not going to fail. But your fear, your faith, has been rewarded.

Say you get into a new relationship. You are head over heels in love. You have finally met your dream guy or girl and you know they are the one. You are already seeing yourself walking down the aisle.

But then, one day you start fearing. You look to your past failed relationships and you start fearing you will be disappointed all over again. You slowly start believing all men or women are the same. Hence, you start getting suspicious. You start looking too hard for flaws and you start seeing them. You start losing faith in your partner. You start thinking there is something they are hiding from you. You start believing they are cheating on you. Your suspiciousness and luck of trust starts pushing them away, further and further into the corner where you believe they are. And one day they crack. One day they actually do cheat. Your fear has come true. Your faith has been rewarded. And once again you have lost what you had.

These are just some of the examples of the effects of fear.

Fear is actually faith—faith in bad stuff. Fear weakens us. It rides us to the very dark, deathly end we believe we are going.

So stop fearing.

Lift up your head and believe and hope for the best.

Believe you will succeed.

Believe you will make it.

Believe that you will marry your sweetheart.

Believe that you will make it in your business.

Believe that you will find a job soon.

Yes, believe that something wonderful is just about to happen. And it will.

Destroy fear by not fearing. Discard all your fears right now.

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