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I am Thankful

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Date Created:13 Jul 2014

Last Modified:13 Jul 2014

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I am thankful
For the day I was born
The day I came into this world and felt the cold on my back.

I am thankful
For the spanks my mother gave me
They made me avoid wildly ways.

I am thankful
For my school teacher
Who loved to read my stories
He led me down the writer’s lane.

I am thankful
For the days mother and I walked to the Kingdom Hall
I learnt to know and fear God.

I am thankful
For my fourth grade teacher who told me to pull up my socks;
‘Cause when I did, I pulled up my life with them.

I am thankful
For that guy I could never ever beat in fifth and sixth grade:
He taught me there were higher standards to reach for.

I am thankful
For the punks who made our lives hard
For the long walks we used to take with heavy containers of water in our puny hands
We learnt that life was not all bread and butter;
But a little bit of thirst and hunger.

I am thankful
For the crash I had on my sixth grade classmate
It made me learn I needed to stand up for love.

I am thankful
For the Watchtower and Awake magazines my father left in the study
They made me fear to do wrong

I am thankful
For my best friend at Junior Secondary School
He kept me entertained
And showed me that cooperation is better than rivalry.

I am thankful
For the dark days I had in boarding school
It made me strong and prepared for even darker days

I am thankful
For the stupidity and naivety I possessed in my teenage years
It makes me unsure of my own wisdom

I am thankful
For the girl with a motherly nature
Whom I loved and feared at the same time
But who never counted me as a man worth loving back;
She helped me realize that not always is love returned.

I am thankful
For my sixth grade crash
Who later confessed she felt nothing for me no more
I learnt that crashes can be fleeting most times.

I am thankful
For the day I got baptized in a cold pool on an August morning
It made me realize commitment to God is important

I am thankful
For the hours I spent preaching and teaching people from all walks of life
It made me patient and made me realize everyone has a fighting chance
And that not everyone can be redeemed.

I am thankful
For the woman I spent hours studying the Bible with;
Who challenged my knowledge in the holy words
And taught me to love her in her severed state;
She took away my prejudice towards people of other faiths.

I am thankful
For having failed and dropped out of University
I wouldn’t have found my true passion.

I am thankful
For my friend who questioned my faith
He made me peer over the wall and see the ugly truths.

I am thankful
For the Jehovah’s Witnesses that regarded me ill, diseased and evil;
And that avoided me like I was the plague;
They opened my eyes to the love and kindness in outsiders.

I am thankful
For the teenage girl with a pink coloured tongue
Whom I met on a bus once upon a time long ago
And whom I took a liking for;
And who told me she had found her true lover in a virtual hopeless world
She led me the path to finding my own.

I’m thankful
For the girls who could never love me back;
For the women who in God’s honest truth found me tasteless;
Who left me on the verge of despair and hopelessness
They’ve made me appreciate the one who loves me

I’m thankful
For my mother and father
And sisters and brothers
Who still stick closer to me even when I make it hard for them
God will remember their righteous ways.

I ‘m thankful
For the woman who loves me;
Who took the long walk of faith into the unknown
She brought back the beat to my dying heart.

I’m thankful
For all that has happened to me
The good, the bad and the evil;
It has made me who I am and what I am.

I’m thankful
That I’m thankful
For all the thankful things
I should be thankful for.

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