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Anything non-specific. Ukusabaila as the Bemba's would say.

Questionare on the Software Development Practices in Organizations in Zambia

Social Media is Making us Lazy
You don’t often hear people surfing the web these days. It is a dying art. To most people,Facebook is the Internet.

Facebook is Bad for You and Me
Networking on Facebook is a cut-throat competition where only the boldest, niftiest,strongest and richest survive.

Life Cycle of a Facebook Page
Everybody who is anybody and has been using Facebook for a while will know that Facebook is screwing with us all. And it's all about money.

The Fake City Life
I look at the world around me and think a lot. And I have come to the conclusion that city life and town life is fake and a bunch of crap.

Meeting with the CEO about Alterations
In which the CEO alters the alterations that should not be altered.