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Religion and Me

I believe in the Bible. I live in Jesus. I might have something to say.

1914 – The Teaching that costs Jehovah’s Witnesses
Witnesses make a sketchy comparison between God’s rulership and a prophecy concerning Nebuchadnezzar that foretold a period of 7 prophetic times

Why I Write About Jehovah's Witnesses
Why I write about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here are four good reasons why I do it. And why I will continue to do so.

Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses that Will damn Them - Part 4
Analyzing the Jehovah's Witness Teaching: Jesus should not be worshipped as God.

Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses that Will damn Them - Part 3
According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jesus was created. He is God’s firstborn son in the sense that he was created first.

Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses that Will damn Them - Part 2
Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witness that Will Damn them: Jesus is not God.

Ten Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses that Will damn Them - Part 1
I do not purport to know everything, but the little I know makes me realize that the Witnesses need help.

An Open Letter to Jehovah's Witnesses
I love you. We had fun times together. But I had to leave. Most of you were shocked when I did so...

What does it mean to be Born Again
What does it mean to be Born Again? Jesus said unless ,we are born again, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Ten Things a Christian NEVER says
If you say any of these ten things, then you are not a Christian. It is as simple as that.

How I used to Reject Jesus as a Jehovah's Witness
Jehovah’s Witnesses are consistently called a cult by a lot of people. A cult is a religion that obfuscates Jesus.

Is It a Sin to Question your Faith?
Many people are taught that it is a sin to question your faith. Questioning itself indicates that one doubts the authenticity of his faith or belief.

Is it a Sin to be Poor?
Once I attended a church service where we were taught that it is a sin to be poor.

Why Some Don't Celebrate Christmas
I used to belong to what most people call a cult—a religion which obscures Jesus; and we were taught never to celebrate Christmas.

What Heartbreak and Betrayal Can Teach us about God
Experiences like heartbreak and grief, when viewed positively, can help us understand our heavenly father better

Jehovah's Witnesses are Right
Jehovah's Witnesses are right about certain things. They are right about the fact that Jesus is coming soon.

No one can be Happy Outside Jehovah's Organization
I would love to hear a former Jehovah’s Witness say that they are really happy out there--outside the organization.

You should Care about the name Jehovah
If you love the name Jehovah, and adore it and use it everyday, you should care to read this.

Are Sunday Worshippers Damned?
Seventh day Adventists claim that all Sunday Worshippers are damned. They assert that all of them break one fundamental commandment.

Why Witnesses Turn Atheist; Why I won't
A defaulter may decide to be a free-thinker, or even an atheist, because it appears to be less of the narrow-mindedness he observes in religion...

Why I left the Kingdom Hall
Michael Sinkolongo gives 9 good reasons why he upped and left the Kingdom Hall. They are as shocking as they are interesting.

Sometimes We Forget About Jesus
When I look at the Christianity of today I tend to notice that we often forget Jesus.