Return From Poetry


Poetry enables me to paint vivid pictures with words. It enables me to tap into a part of my subconscious that exudes feelings great and hidden and unknown. It is the greatest mind therapy.

A Young Man's Plight
A young man needs a job. He has been walking the whole day along the streets full of strife;His throat is patched and his lips are cracking dry.

Her Heart Beats for Me
Her Heart beats for me. It beats for the whole of me.

Only a Little Will Get You By
It only takes a little to get you by; You don’t need everything to be anything You just need a little to take you everywhere.

Build your City
Arise out of that pit of broken bits and pieces And build your own city from those small fragments.

Remember Us, My Wife
Remember us, my wife Remember from where we have come from Yes the journey has been long And we have suffered together along the way

Rejected No More
Being rejected is the greatest painful pain I have known-- Being disowned by those you call family and friend. But not only I know it.

I am Thankful
I’m thankful that I’m thankful for all the thankful things I should be thankful for

Silence is Golden
Tears of joy streak down my face, for finally I am home. And now I understand that Silence is Golden.

Her heart Beats for Me
Her heart beats for me. Just for me.

A brokenhearted person has got no heart. They are heartless.

Let it Catch Me
I am tired of running away from love. Let this creature catch me.