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I am ever busy, working on innovative solutions to make it easier for people to do the things they love. Check out some of the projects I am currently working on below.

Utushimi - Home of Stories

Utushimi is a mobile application that showcases the best of Zambian literature, giving you awesome, captivating content at your finger tips. Download my stories on the Utushimi App for Android and you will not be disappointed.

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Here are some of my stories trending on Utushimi

Old Friend

Short Story

James leaves his wife at home to meet up with an old friend. Little does he know that this seemingly little decision is going to alter his life forever.


The Masseuse

Short Story

Peter nearly knocks down a beautiful young lady who just happens to be a masseuse. He offers to take her to work, and she in turn, offers him a free massage to help him appreciate her profession.


Come back to Me

Short Story

A young man unfairly breaks up with his girlfriend. However, just when he thinks he has done away with her. He discovers that there are some things you just can't live without.


The Dark Adventures of Timothy Nondo


Timothy falls for an unusual girl that he mets in the pub one evening, but that is the beginning of an unprecendented and dark adventure that he could never have imagined.