Relationship Advice

I will give it to you not the way you want to hear it, but the way it is. The hard, bitter truth of it.

If there is something that girls would really love to know, it is whether a guy loves them or not.So how can a girl tell that a guy loves her?... Read More
It is a known fact that guys love bad girls. If you are a girl and wondering why the bad girls seems to have all the boys, wonder no more.... Read More
In the light of what happened recently in Kenya, the question often arises, does it really matter how women dress? Aren’t they free to wear anyt... Read More
For a cheat, posting photos of your girlfriend or boyfriend on social platforms such as Facebook is a daring move; because it is a public place.... Read More

No sex paradox: It's very interesting what happens to the human mind’s perception when you place emphasis on the correct thing, but in the ... Read More

If you think rejection is bad, you are wrong. Here are ten good reasons why guys should not fear rejection.... Read More
Guys fear rejection for one major reason: they have an unusually big ego.... Read More
Why does rejection hurt? Why do some guys kill themselves when a girl rejects them? Why does the world end for them and they see no point in living?... Read More
Most guys my age or younger have a problem knowing that a girl is into them and likes them and wants them to make a move.... Read More

The average good girls lies to herself and society at large. She is responsible for most of the misery the good guy is going through.... Read More

A dating or courting couple should think of and talk about sex before marriage. Do not wait until you are married to talk about sex.... Read More

After observing the agony our ladies out there are going through because of the good guy, I decided to write a little bit of something to rescue them.... Read More

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